Inter Air Media
"Huge investments in infrastructural development coupled with a long dwell time at the airports offer marketers an opportunity to advertise their brands to a captive and relevant audience."
- Nielsen

Media Packages Overview

We want our clients to get the most out of their inflight and airport advertising campaigns. That is why we have designed packages around key verticals to increase campaign effectiveness through reach, frequency and relevance.

At InterAir Media, we know airline advertising - the carriers, the media, the demographics and the impact. We use this expertise to efficiently and affordably place communications that deliver unparalleled access to a high-end, highly desirable demographic. Virtually every airline. All available media. One professional, knowledgeable point of contact.

Successful movie releases and TV debuts need maximum exposure to gain traction in a highly competitive landscape.
InterAir Media delivers flexible short-term packages that reach key business decision makers both before and after your event.
Luxury goods advertisers face a unique challenge: how do they effectively and efficiently reach the small but diverse target able to purchase their products?
Life moves fast and traditional advertising alone can't keep up with consumers. Adding InterAir to your Media mix will ensure your brand is always ahead of your competition.
Travel and Leisure
Reach your target demographic while they're in the right mindset. Frequent flyers go on more vacations and can be effectively reached in the aviation space.
Our extensive experience working with Universities initiated us to craft these packages aimed to increase qualified applications or simply to create awareness of your program.
Packages by media
Dominate a specific medium to drive desired results.

Already know your target demographic and market?
Click here to tell us about your objectives so we can customize your media package.