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"Half of those who recently watched in-flight video entertainment could recall specific ads shown. Forty-nine percent of those who had watched in-flight television programming in the past month could recall seeing a commercial for either Panasonic Toughbook or InterContinental Hotels Group."
- 2006 Arbitron In-Flight Media Study

Media Planning

Savvy, unbiased placement delivers optimal results.

Every airline and every route has a distinctive clientele. Our Media Planning teams are experts on all our partner airlines and know precisely which carrier and route will provide the best audience for your specific service or product offering. We target your communication to region, income level, business position and education level, ensuring the greatest possible return for your advertising investment.

Media Placement Services

InterAir Media offers the best in-flight and airport advertising rates, faster. As a single source,

we provide same day response for any aviation related request.

Our Media Offerings
InterAir Media has pre-negotiated, dramatically reduced rates for all advertising media, from virtually any airline or airport. This means our clients receive same day quotes for airport communicationsexecutive lounge advertising, in-flight magazines, video, napkins or any other media, for any airline, any airport, with only one phone call.

For an individual to receive quotes for different media from a single airline or airport requires calls to multiple media departments. Once those calls are made, it can take several days to receive quotes. And, the rates offered by the vendor to individual clients are oftentimes higher than the pre-negotiated, multi-client discounted rates offered by InterAir Media.


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