Inter Air Media
"80% of frequent flyers read the current month's issue of the airline magazine and told Arbitron that they believe they pay more attention to magazines they read in flight compared to ones they pick up at other times. Frequent flyers also say they trust the information contained in the airline magazines and act upon details they find in the magazines."
- 2006 Arbitron In-Flight Media Study

InterAir Expertise

We are highly skilled marketing communications professionals. We are deeply knowledgeable about our

field, and understand immediate response is crucial to your business.

Our Process
Working with InterAir Media ensures optimal placements, seamless execution and exceptional service:
  • Contact
    Meet InterAir Media. Learn the benefits of aviation advertising and discover why we are the leader in air travel media.

  • Objective Review and Budget Analysis
    A comprehensive review of your marketing goals and budget requirements.

  • Strategy and Concept Work
    InterAir Media utilizes broad industry expertise to create the optimal aviation media plan.

  • Media Strategy Brief
    InterAir Media presents the client with a detailed marketing plan, including media used, number of impressions and targeted demographics.

  • Package Negotiation
    Once a plan is approved by our client, we leverage our extensive relationships and bulk buying power to achieve the best possible rates.

  • Execution
    Our knowledgeable team implements the marketing plan, ensuring all placements are executed correctly – including location, frequency and other critical factors. Lastly, within 30 days of the campaign start InterAir Media delivers the proof of performance for confirmation. 

Our Philosophy
Consumers are savvy. The advertising field is fiercely competitive. We believe capturing attention and compelling a response requires a more strategic, more thoughtful approach. We know airline advertising delivers extraordinary results, which is why this is the only medium in which we work.

Our Mission
Deliver the best possible return on investment. Offer a type and level of service simply unavailable elsewhere. Provide extraordinary responsiveness. By staying steadfast to our mission, we consistently deliver the best pricing for the greatest exposure, while offering rapid turnaround and unparalleled convenience for our clients.